Sappie Surf - Rik op het Veld


Are you busy with work, study or other obligations, but you still want to sport on the highest possible level you can?

Rik can help you, he isan elite athlete (used to be a Dutch A grade athlete -NOC*NSF A-status-) and while working on his sports career he did study and work. So he is used to look carefully to time-management, other obligations and restrictions and then define realistic goals to achieve the highest possible suitable result and let you enjoy life and being active 

As successful elite athlete, who combined his sports career with a University degree, he knows how hard it is to make choices and manage your lifestyle.
Planning is key and Rik can help you do this.
If you are interested contact him:

Getting to know each other is always free of anything! 

Your results are my passion!

Rik coaches all sorts of people and athletes, from medalists on World and European Championships to people who just want to enjoy sports and maybe even run an occasional 5k race