Sappie Surf - Rik op het Veld

Event management/hosting

Rik co-organizes several lifesaving events in the Netherlands and Europe and based on his experience, as host and athlete, he could be of service to you.

Rik is good in dealing with many different types of people, fun and involvement are key (people that have fun in what they are doing and are involved with the organization work harder en better). Based on his experiences in sport, he has a good feel for the needs and wishes of athletes.

The organization of a successful event is like sport for him, the management of an event is like winning a race. It a challenge that he likes to take on and complete successfully!

Next to that he does have a good feeling for the technical part of the job, because of his bachelor degree in Business Engineering. This gives him the skill to deal with and manage all the technical facets of an event.

3 example events (co-) hosted by Rik: