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Rik op het Veld Coaching and Sport Management

Welcome to the business part of the webpage from Rik Op het Veld. 

Rik is a sports-professional with years of experience as elite athlete. He used to combine a University  study with a successfull sports-career. Among other things he is a 2006 World Champion in Lifesaving and finished his Masters degree in Organization Studies.

Sport has given Rik the opportunity to challenge himself. Constantly successfully setting new goals and expending his possibilities is what thrives him. His participation (and fulfillment) of the Coolangatta Gold wasn’t just a lifelong goal and challenge, but also the achievement of something supposedly impossible.

It is his ambition to bring people and organizations forward, sport is in this a means to an end. His style is to challenge people. Starting from realistic and together defined goals pushing and challenging people to reach for their stars (achieve the best they can). These accomplishments build pride for the person, team or organization involved and are things they can fall back on to in order to redeem self-esteem and self awareness.

Rik is practically creative, he thinks out-of-the-box, but in a manner that is suitable to the situation. Activities outside his comfort zone bring the best in him. This is also his strength in helping other people (via sport).

Through his company, Sappie Surf, he provides the opportunity to others to find their personal goals and restrictions. To then with these restrictions find a way to reach those goals, in order words let people find their limits, let them find the edges of their comfort zone, then challenge and support them to overcome the barriers they put up.

Sappie Surf coaches athletes, provides clinics and classes and hosts sport events.